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Time To Get REAL

Are you reading this?


Consider this invitation to get REAL.

2016 been a heck of a year, preceding another heck of the year. Anyone remember that 2015 was just as intense?

Now as we are entering 2017 we are called to focus on our desires, get into our lane and take consistent, aligned action.

No more messing around, no more downloading PDF's or fooling ourselves that we are doing great things...on Facebook!

Time to take off the blinkers, looks inside and get really clear on who are YOU really?

You see, you can hop from programme to programme, fill out avatar to avatar, re-hash your branding, change your website and re-do your logo or you can BE it in every single way.

BE the change, be the transformation, be the service, be the love, the compassion, the healing, the peace, for yourself and in that for others.

Because, let's face the facts here, all the rest disappears in the face of the TRUTH.

If we are not being, we are not delivering. If we are not embodying, we are portraying. If we are portraying, we are simply hiding. From ourselves.

And if we hiding from ourselves then how can we be of service to others?

Who are you, REALLY?

I've changed my website, branding, niche and message before I realised that as wonderful and as essential those parts are this was a dance with my business.

We dated and I changed outfits, perfected my smokey eye, flirted and pouted but stayed away from making whole hearted commitment.

In essence, I became the man whom I was in love with for 5 years, gave my time, heart and soul to, and who took it but wasn't interested in giving it back.

And as a way of hiding from the shame I felt and protecting myself from further pain I became surface level. Peaking in but never fully and wholeheartedly GOING for it.

Once THAT became CLEAR, the need for all the frills and bits fell away.

Can you SEE how being in business is never quite about just the BUSINESS?

How the TRANSFORMATION or SUCCESS is never about the mindset, colours or bonuses?

And now?

I don't really care if this post has spelling mistakes ( I type things on my phone and on the go) because you are seeing the real me.

I will not take too long to choose a picture to go with this post. Most likely it will not be the ones I took earlier in the year on the beach, because I no longer resonate with that person, as pretty as the setting was ( that may or may not change) because what I offer goes beyond.

I am not really attached to whether this is a storytelling post or a marketing post or a confessional and yes, I am going to "sell" you at the end.

Because, I know WHO I AM, WHAT I AM, WHO I SERVE.

I am now living and breathing this journey.

If you are ready to COMMIT to your service, your passion, your truth, yourself = your cells on every level, then consider this an invitation.

An invitation for you to STEP UP into your leadership, SHOW UP in your vulnerability and SERVE from your heart.

In Soul and Service,



Digital Artwork by Val Cripps