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Hey Beautiful!

First off I want to tell you that you are brilliant and fabulous, far more than you'll ever appreciate and realise.

How do I know this?

Well the fact that you've arrived here is no accident. You're looking for more. You're exploring the infinite possibility of who you can be with open hearted curiosity.

You know that it's time to choose YOUR journey, so life becomes easier, happier and more joyful. And it's when you can stay true to yourself that laughter follows you, your smile lingers, your intuition guides you and your life unfolds perfectly.

On this magical life journey, we need like-minded people to travel with. Those who can pick us up when the road feels rough, when your resolve to live a beautiful life fades and when you need someone to pat you on the shoulder, make you a virtual chai tea and assure you that tomorrow is another day.

We all have soul energy within us and the deeper we search within, the more our sensitivities reveal themselves. The truer you are to yourself the closer you come to your empathic abilities. Now the flipside of your beautiful energy and sensitive nature can be that you feel overwhelmed, ungrounded and emotional. Managing your energy is the first step in becoming a conscious co-creator.

Hi, I'm Antonina

​I've always been a nurturer and supporter, and I have an ability to sum up situations quickly, doing cheerleading rallies or stepping in with some advice when welcomed. I feel truly blessed to be able to work with women as they rediscover the magic in their life. That moment when they start to play bigger and they realise the infinite capacity that they have to live their wildest dreams is such an honour to witness.

This is the sensitive energy and soul intention that propelled me to create The Coachinista.

You see, I haven't always been grounded and guided by my feminine energy. Five years ago I was hustling a day job I hated and living for the weekend so I could blur the unbearable emptiness of my shallow life, constantly thinking "is this it?"

I was completely lost and trying to fit a mould that suited other people's ideas of who I should be and how I should live. I had totally lost touch with who I was. I'm not being over dramatic to say I felt like I was dying inside and everything about my life seemed hopeless.

Until I walked away from everything. With the "is this it?" question loudly clamouring in my head, I left my job, my friends, and my family to make a new life in a different country. I acted on instinct knowing that I urgently needed to reconnect with who I am and what I was to become, without taking anyone else's needs into account.

And it was the best thing I've ever done.

It was in this sacred space of self reflection that I invested in a coach. I grew more as a person in this time period than I ever have and I became excited about effecting this change in other women who'd been where I was.

I'm Antonina, a.k.a The Coachinista and I'm guided by freedom, authenticity and purpose. My super power is to help sensitive women uncover their hidden magic and see possibility far outside the scope of life that they could imagine.

When I'm not wearing the hats of a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend I am passionate about working with women who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey and are actively seeking deeper purpose and soul fullness.

I work with gentle, soul based entrepreneurs to melt their fears around not being enough, to grow their confidence muscles and teach them how to listen and trust their internal guidance system. Because you want to build a life that not only looks good on the outside, but that feels good on the inside too!

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. I'm an ENFP/INFP, Supporter, Enneagram 7. Sagittarius

​2. Obsessed with the color turquoise

3. Complete book lover and a little bit of a book tart. I have about 4 on the go right now.

4. I changed from being a night owl to a morning lark (babies can do that to you, right?)

5. If I had to choose between a new bag and a pair of shoes, I'd go for both! 

6. I like weird foods #fact. Sauerkraut? Kefir? Kombucha? Yum!

7. I collect jeans and crystals.

8. I have prophetic dreams. Like a lot!

9. I pick up languages very quickly.

10. I devour anything to do with metaphysics and know I'll never stop learning.